EPA Desktops and Laptops BPA (EP-W-14-006)

EPA Desktops and Laptops BPA

Environmental Protection Agency

Contract Number: EP-W-14-006
Period of Performance: 05/22/2014 to 05/21/2018
Scope of Contract: Desktop and Laptop Computers
NAICS Code: 541519 - 150 Personnel

Blue Tech is a Small Business under this BPA. The overall maximum value of this contract is $49 million.

Blue Tech contact information for this BPA and order processing is as follows:

  • Amy Hultengren, Primary Contact : ahultengren@bluetech.com - (619) 497-6060
  • Dylan Slay, Secondary Contact : dslay@bluetech.com - (619) 488-9209

To provide desktop and laptop computers to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s multiple locations throughout the United States.