Graylog: Enterprise Log Management

Do More With Your Security & Performance Data

Blue Tech is proud to offer Graylog, a leading centralized log management solution built to open standards for capturing, storing, and enabling real-time analysis of terabytes of machine data. Purpose-built for modern log analytics, Graylog removes complexity from data exploration, compliance audits, and threat hunting so you can quickly and easily find meaning in data and take action faster. Graylog has considerably faster analysis speeds, provides a more robust and easier-to-use analysis platform, offers simpler administration and infrastructure management, and costs less than the alternatives in the market.

Expanded Insight

Reveal more information as you go, delving deeper into the search results to explore the data further to find the right answers.

Massive Scalability

Horizontally scale to meet any size workload from one to two gigabytes to several terabytes per day.

Incredible Speed

Search, aggregate, analyze, visualize, and report on immediately relevant data from one screen, increasing efficiency and ending frustration.

Graylog’s solution offerings are being driven by the demand for a fast, scalable, and affordable platform capable of deriving operational intelligence from the massive volume of machine data being generated by today’s modern IT infrastructures. Blue Tech has been supporting the IT needs of the Federal government for over 20 years, and understands the dilemma of shrinking budgets and growing security and regulatory compliance requirements. The Blue Tech and Graylog partnership seeks to provide federal customers with a cutting-edge and cost-effective solution to these concerns.

With over 25,000 implementations globally, Graylog’s unique open-source approach to log management comes at a time where the exponentially increasing amount of data and mounting security and compliance regulations makes log management a critical activity in the IT environment. Graylog combines ease of use through an intuitive user interface, the scalability to analyze terabytes of data from any source, and the affordability to analyze all data so that customers do not have to decide which data is most important.

Blue Tech is now offering the Graylog solution to federal customers through their current prime contracts which include NASA SEWP V, NIH CIO-CS, Air Force NETCENTS-2 Products, and DHS FirstSource II to name a few.

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