Blue Tech's Cybersecurity Efforts Profiled


Blue Tech’s Cybersecurity Efforts Profiled

Blue Tech has partnered with the Simi Valley-based firm American Technology Solutions Inc., or ATS, in a collaborative effort to bring cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to federal customers. Their working relationship was recently profiled in an article from the Ventura County Star. Following is an excerpt from that article.

The partnerships didn’t end with ATS and Vir2us, however. A connection with Guy Stone, president of San Diego-based Blue Tech, brought on a key component — a company with a history of handling government contracts. Blue Tech became a key part of the strategy of getting Vir2us’ products to the agencies that needed them most.

“We do two completely different tasks, but they’re complementary,” Stone said of Blue Tech’s relationship with ATS. “We have the government contracts the government can use to buy the products. … We hold the pathways to the government.”

ATS, on the other hand, has the technical know-how and marketing push for the product.

“There’s always hesitancy by the federal government on any new product, but because of cybersecurity problems, they’re more interested,” Stone said. “They want to test this stuff out.”

Blue Tech and ATS have been working together since early last year, meeting with intelligence agencies and demonstrating for U.S. Department of Defense sites in Southern California.

“We’ve been very well received,” Stone said. “It’s a burning issue right now with government and Fortune 500 companies. Everyone is worried about data loss.”

A lot of momentum is underway and the leaders behind ATS, Vir2us and Blue Tech expect to start seeing results in the coming months.

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